Gutters are one of the most often forgotten maintenance areas of a home, yet are one of the most important. Faulty, overflowing gutters can lead to damaged insulation (lower energy efficiency), damaged structural lumber, termite infestations, excessive mold, and unhealthy landscaping. S&A Construction can repair or replace your damaged gutters. We also clean your gutters as well. Most contractors use high-pressure sprays to clean gutter systems, which can damage your gutters. S&A Construction inspects all gutters and downspouts and then removes debris by hand to ensure your gutters are left spotless and undamaged.gutters on new roof

An alternative to gutter cleaning each season, would be to install gutter guards. Gutter guards fit over the entire gutter, allowing water to pass through freely yet preventing debris from clogging the gutters. Call us today to replace your damaged gutters or to install maintenance free gutter guards!

Custom Gutters and Downspout installation

Our seamless gutters are one piece gutters manufactured at your home. They are custom fit to your home. They are far superior than sectional gutters bought at home improvement stores. Our seamless gutters do not have in-line seams, which always fail. Our seamless gutters are made of a non-corrosive aluminum or copper and will last for years.

Our seamless gutters are hung and supported by two key components. The first one is a Raytec Hangtite Hidden Hanger. This hanger is snapped into our seamless gutter and is used to support the weight of the gutter and the flowing water. While a lot of companies use nails to hang their gutters (and claim this is the strongest), S&A Construction only uses stainless steel inch and one half hex head screws to attach the gutters suspension system to your home! A screw is stronger than any nail, any day, and our screws will not rust!

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