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A fresh coat of paint not only increases your home’s curb appeal, it also helps protect your home from the elements. Experts recommend re-coating your home every 5 years on a one-coat application, and every 7-8 years on a 2-coat application.

We are one of the best painting contractors in Raleigh/Durham area. On new construction or walls that have never been painted, we first apply a primer to keep the drywall from absorbing the paint. We will then apply 1 -2 coats of paint using a roller, brush or sprayer.

If the walls have previously been painted, and there is loose or chipping paint, we first scrape the walls and then sand to remove the old paint. If there are holes in the drywall, we putty using a spackling compound and sand until smooth. We will then apply 1 – 2 coats of paint using a roller, brush or sprayer.

• We are very thorough while preparing and painting.

• We maintain a clean and safe job site throughout the length of the project.

• We are friendly, honest, courteous, conscientious, trustworthy and reliable.

• We maintain constant contact prior to, and throughout the course of the job.

• We use only top quality paints, products and equipment.

We also will:

• Schedule the project according to your needs.

• Label and leave all the extra paints.

• Return (even after payment) for any unforeseen touch-ups.

• Still be there when you need future painting as well.

In some cases, you might want the visual appeal or the acoustic sound-dampening effects of a textured ceiling. S&A Construction can help you achieve your desired effect through applying a variety of textured ceiling effects. We offer a variety of textured ceiling options and styles, including:

Knock Down – randomly applied textured materials that are sprayed on the ceiling then knocked down using a trowel. Typically yields a complex and intricate finished look.

Combed – a triangular notched trowel is used to create a uniform swirling pattern on a smooth ceiling. This method is used to create a very formal and elegant look, especially around deep ceilings and light fixtures.

Roller – applied much like a paint roller, roller finishes yield a highly textured look. It can be customized for a smooth or rough finish.

Spray – using a specialized spray gun, this technique is the most customizable, depending on the texture material, size/shape of the nozzle, and air pressure.

Trowel – using a standard trowel, this look achieves a plaster-like finish, and can vary on consistency depending on texturing materials used.

In addition to creating specialized textured ceilings, S&A Construction also provide textured ceiling removal or reinstallation services. For example, you may want a textured ceiling scraped to remove the old texture in order to create a more elegant, smooth ceiling. Ceiling texture removal is quite commonly requested for “popcorn” ceilings because these ceilings are hard to paint. Popcorn ceilings are also typically difficult to match the texture to, especially when the ceiling needs patching.

Regardless of your ceiling texturing needs, S&A Construction is your Triangle leader in ceiling texture installation, replacement, and removal.

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